25 Apr 2016

Preparing Gobsmacked! for Playtesting

Submitted by Ian

I have been working for ages on updating my adventure called Gobsmacked! in order to get it into a suitable state for publication. My plan is to create a fully-linked PDF version of the adventure and publish it on www.rpgnow.com

The adventure is about a party of seven dwarven warriors who are sent out to explore a section of the vast Felekhuzd mines that have been subject to some recent seismic activity. The adventure will eventually form part of a campaign that explores the powers of the strange Theotinite crystals that keep popping up in the mine...

I'm in the process of creating a Player's Guide that will have background information and character sheets for the pre-generated characters. I'm also updating and revamping the adventure itself and fleshing out the descriptions and encounter stats.

The adventure is written using the Pathfinder roleplaying game system. When it's all done, I will be playtesting it at the Stratford branch of The Role Play Haven.